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Review From Joe--A Bespoke Suit From Matthewaperry

Nay Blue Herringbone Office Suit bespoke suits

 The bespoke suit is the ultimate elegance of the refined man. It offers the opportunity to express his personality by a cut, fabric or color, while maintaining a grace and ease undisputed.

bespoke suits

Egle bespoke propose here a three piece suit navy blue, made from a fabric Four Seasons virgin wool with Loro Piana.


It consists of a jacket and two buttons adjusted to four pockets, one chest pocket vest and three flap pockets, but also two back vents.
cheap custom suits

Measurement navy blue jacket
cheap custom suits

The sleeves are arranged in an open four buttons and reinforced with a mignonette inside (striped fabric which, in respect of the suit tradition, used to double and thus strengthen the sleeves of a jacket) buttonhole .

cheap custom suits 
 Open four buttons buttonhole 

cheap custom suits 
 Miniature inside the sleeves 

Under the jacket is a jacket with four pockets and five buttons that complements a tailored shirt cotton twill with Peter Pan collar and a navy blue tie wool.

cheap custom suits
  vest custom bespoke five buttons and four welt pockets.

Pants meanwhile, is a tapered bottom with a side of 5 cm, complete with a mechanical adjustment to the size (mechanism for the lack of belt and adjusting the size) and an after-dinner back (small detail that offers greater ease after a meal).
cheap custom suitsMechanical adjustment at the waist 

Friday, August 23, 2013

MatthewAperry Announces 30% Off on Its Best-Selling Custom Suits, as a manufacturer providing products for retailers worldwide, specializes in custom menswear. With more than 10 years experience in this market, MatthewAperry is known for its good quality and reasonable price. Now MatthewAperry announces discounts up to 30% off on the best-selling custom suits on its website as a return for their customer's support.
We dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality and service. At, all the suits are fully canvassed and hand-crafted by our master tailors. In addition, all the bespoke suits are backed by our perfect fit promise. In order to show appreciation for our customers, we are happy to launch such a promotion, and thanks again for your support said Benson, CEO of MatthewAperry.

Customers patterns price from $199, and they are all personally hand crafted by tailors with over 30 years experience in MatthewAperry, which you can only enjoy from the luxurious bespoke shop. About MatthewAperry
Founded in 2012, MatthewAperry specializes in good-quality custom suits, custom shirts and custom blazers. It has 12 master tailors who make full canvas suit, providing plentiful custom details for you to choose from and offering free shipping worldwide.
See More Information, Please Visit:
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Matthewaperry--The A Suit That Fits Suit Review

a suit that fits reviewBig fan of extra layers of fabric like this at the hem.

Like the buttonholes, clean and discreet at the boutonniere, well done.

Very happy with the slide tab closure. It is done smoothly and has enough lining to keep a good shape.

I haven’t seen side tabs where the waistband is a little thinner where the tab is, but I like it.

Big fan of the breast pocket.

Like the pattern matching around the flap pockets and sleeveheads, that on the back is also well done.

Although it doesn’t look it, the boutonniere is functioning, I just need to finish opening the seam. Big points for the loop below the hole to help keep flowers in place. However, for a jacket of this price, it would be better if the collar fabric was folded to underneath the collar, that would ensure the collar lining would not show from the side.  They also forgot to take out the basting thread (at least I think that’s what that is) on the collar, but that is easily removed by cutting it and pulling it out.

The lining at the sleevehead looks to be machine stitched on the bottom and hand stitched on the top. It is better to have hand stitching on the top, as it allows for slightly better movement at the shoulder.

Clean around the flap pockets.

The interior of the jacket is clean and the stitching around the pockets is well done.

Nice shanking around the buttons.

The pattern matching at the sleevehead is done quite well, which I would expect at this price point. Well done.

The pattern matching for the flap pockets is done very well. The more complex the pattern the harder this is to match well.

Hard to see with the blurry photo, but the buttonholes are clean and pretty discreet, which is what you want.

I opted for non functioning buttonholes to make any adjustments to sleeve length easier. However, they add a stitching that imitates buttonholes, something that I am not a fan of. However, I am sure you can request no stitching.
I love hearing about new made to measure/custom suit operations.  It means competition in the markerplace is increasing, which ideally will push each maker to produce a better product and differentiate themselves in some way.  Theoretically, this will benefit the customers.  This review of A Suit That Fits will kick off new round of reviews over the next week or so; suits from Dragon Inside and Matthew A Perry and socks from Mes Chaussettes Rouges will be the subjects of three other reviews over the next few weeks.
But back to point, A cusom Suit That Fits is not a new suit company, only a new entrant to the American market.  ASTF has spent the past few years refining its model over in its home country of England before crossing the Atlantic to bestow is pleasantries upon us Americans.  Clearly this was time well spent, as they make a fine suit and the whole process (just shy of 2 months from first fitting to final delivery with alterations) did go very smoothly.
Like every other online custom shop ASTF gives you the option to input your measurements and choose your fabric online.  However, they are also pushing for people to meet with them in person.  Which as of now is only available in NYC.  As always, I recommend meeting with the company if possible.  I met with Shao and Warren (one of the founders) at their office space in the Metlife building.  We spent a few hours chatting, going through swatch books and taking measurements (don’t worry, your appointment will not take that long).  I decided on a suit made up of a stunning brown and cream Glen Plaid with a rust windowpane from Loro Piana (somewhere in the $1,700 ballpark, the jacket was comped and I paid for the pants).
I would be remiss if I did not mention that A Suit That Fits boasts that it can meet pretty much any request a customer may have (such at buttoning point or gorge height) if the normal options are not sufficient.  But in contrast to its competitors, who do not charge for various options, ASTF charges more for certain options, which I thought was interesting and am not sure how much I like that method.  Anyway, I should also note that their fabric selection is much more extensive on their UK site and they can make suits for American customers from fabrics on the UK site.  So I recommend you browse both sites thoroughly when evaluating whether or not A Suit That Fits is right for you.
The options selected for the jacket were as follows, which is half canvassed: single breasted, 2-button, notch lapel, flapped slanted pockets, ticket pocket, non-functioning sleeve buttons, side vents.  The shoulders of the jacket are lightly padded, they are not built up to the point of what many think of for an English suit, but also not as light as what you would get from Black Lapel or Indochino.  The options for the pants were as follows: no pleats, cuffs, side tabs, suspender buttons, 2 rear pockets.  Additionally, I asked for a high gorge on the jacket and a specific buttoning point on the jacket.  Thankfully, all of my selections and requests were met successfully.
The measurement process was similar to others that I have taken part in.  All of the usual body measurements and then a few measurements from the suit I was wearing.  As was the case with the options, the measurements came out well and the only alteration that needed to be made was to shorten the pants by about an inch.  To my taste, both the jacket and pants fit well.  I don’t feel that there is too much or too little fabric; more importantly, I am comfortable wearing the suit.
The big question is whether or not the suit is a good value and if I recommend A Suit That Fits.  As there are less expensive online operations (based off of ASTFs entry level suits), so is ASTF worth the extra money?  Yes, as long as the suit and options you want are within your budget.  Between the US and UK sites the fabric selection is perhaps the best on web, at least of the companies I have dealt with (not counting MyTailor, which is not really an online operation), which for someone like myself who has sometimes rather particular tastes, this is a good thing.  The same can be said about the various options and requests that they will accommodate (Knot Standard and MyTailor are the only places that are comparable on this).  Additionally, the quality of the build of the suit is also to a good level, to what my amateur judgement can tell (see photos below).  In short, the resulting suit is one that I am very happy with, one that will get a lot of use and good enough to merit patronizing A Suit That Fits again.  If you have any questions or comments of your own, sound off in the comments.

a suit that fits 

a suit that fits 

a suit that fits 

a suit that fits 

a suit that fits review 

Big fan of extra layers of fabric like this at the hem. - See more at:

a suit that fits review 

a suit that fits review

a suit that fits review 

a suit that fits review

a suit that fits review 

a suit that fits review

a suit that fits suits 

a suit that fits suits

a suit that fits suits 

a suit that fits review

a suit that fits review 

a suit that fits review 

a suit that fits review 

a suit that fits review

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Matthew Aperry Review

I’ve just had a suit made by Matthew APerry.
No, not that Matthew Perry. This isn’t a random start-up from a former primetime jokester.
Matthew A Perry is actually a designer, who has given his name to a group of Shanghai-based “hongbang” tailors, who craft custom suits for customers around the world.
“Hongbang” was the name given to Shanghai garment makers specialising in Western-style suits during the 1920s and 30s. Because Western-style suits were first introduced to the city by foreigners, many of whom had red hair and blue eyes at that time, people used the Chinese characters – “hong,” meaning red in Chinese, and “bang,” meaning group – to describe the craftsmen.
There aren’t many tailors of the “hongbang” tradition left. In the early 20th century, it was widely acknowledged that if you wanted a high-quality suit in Shanghai, you had to visit a “hongbang” tailor, who would follow a series of strict procedures to create a design, cut cloth and sew the final garment. In many ways, “hongbang” tailors were the Savile Row equivalent in Shanghai; revered and patronized by the wealthy and powerful.

Matthew A Perry, founded in 2005, relies on internet-based trade. Like many modern tailoring companies, it has developed an automated ordering system that allows customers to measure themselves, choose their favoured design of suit and pay in advance online. Their suit will then be delivered (free of charge) within a fortnight.
“Ok it’s fast” I hear you sigh impatiently “but is it any good?”
Well, yes and no.
I decided to try out a three-piece straw linen suit for the summer, given that most of my tailored suits are intended for the cooler months. I always thought straw linen goes well with blue shirts – of which I have many – and could give some of my tan shoes more wear in the summer time as I have an aversion to wearing dark suits with tan shoes. Ordering was very easy. Aside from my measurements, I supplied detail on pockets, lapels and waistcoat buttons.

I waited a little over two weeks for the suit to arrive. When it did, I was somewhat perplexed by the contrast between the trousers (which were absolutely spot-on) and the waistcoat (which actually fit worse than one off-the-rack). The jacket, arguably the hardest item to get right straight off the bat was actually quite good. There was some excess width in the shoulders, and the back seam stitching was causing the vent to open up when it was buttoned. There was also a little less sculpting at the jacket waist than I would have liked and the ‘canvas’ was giving little shape to the front, but the jacket needed less work than the one I had made by Massimo Dutti – for which I received a fitting.
The waistcoat was therefore something of a disappointment. Even with the buckle securely tightened, it was too large around the chest, which caused the panels to ripple extravagantly when fastened. I can only imagine that, in China, this is the way waistcoats are favoured; I personally prefer them to be very tightly fitting, even a summer linen one.
When I contacted Matthew A Perry, they offered money towards alterations, which I had completed at my favourite tailor, Cad & The Dandy.

So was the experience worth it? Overall, I would say that it is. I am happy with the altered suit. It’s not perfect, but then it’s priced at roughly $300 (including delivery). The process is a little unusual and it feels strange not to receive a fitting from anyone – particularly when you are dealing with traders whose first language is not English.
However, it is quite clear that they are very eager to please and provide a service of value for their customers. Their emphasis is on fit (don’t expect details like working cuffs, unless you ask for them) and I could sense their genuine disappointment that the waistcoat was not up to scratch.
It’s not all blind buying either. You can order swatches of fabric for the suits and if the suit is deemed unalterable by a local tailor, Matthew A Perry will remake it for free. It might sound like the tailoring equivalent of fast street-food but it’s honest about what it is and what it does; provide value for money custom tailoring – without the margin-hunting bluff of being ‘bespoke.’

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MatthewAperry: Custom Suits – News & Updates

I have been looking into an exciting custom tailor company that I just found out about, called MatthewAperry. They are an online Custom Clothier company that started in 2005 and has been offering bespoke suits, shirts, coats & blazers, pants, vests and accessories such as ties, tie clips and cufflinks. They have great pictures of models wearing the many different clothing options.

MatthewAperry prides themselves on their tailor-made suits, offering an Excellent Fit Promise that provides a $75 alteration credit, remakes if necessary, and returns if it just doesn’t work out. There suits currently range in price from $239 (Originally $299, but 20% off now!) to $369. They offer many customizations of the suit such as lapels, pocket styles, pants details, button stance, vents, jacket lining, and a monogram (none of which increase price).
And the added bonus: Right now, you can purchase any suit and they will give you a FREE shirt of your preference! Just use the code SHIRTGIFT at checkout and you are good to go!

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Matthewaperry--Customer Reviews

Double Breasted Khaki Suit    
Customer reviews             suits Customer reviews

Customer reviews:

The craftsmanship, qualityfit absolutely blew my expectations away.Ive never looked so good in a suit
(especially at this price!).

Solid Dark Gray Tailor Made Suit      


suit Customer reviews   matthewaperry customer wall

Customer reviews:

Just received my custom made matthewaperry suit  ,shirt and I am very impressed. The fabric is good quality, measurements were good (got a slim fit), the look is expensive but the cost was cheap. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. Good job
also Perfect slim fit pants and vest..skinny pants cuff

My name is daneil, I live in Brasil and this is my Matthewaperry Suit. The fabric and the finishes are excelent, the fit is perfect and the price is the better! this is the first of many matthewaperry suits ;) Thank you matthewaperry!

matthewaperry customer wall                 Custom sutis Wall

Thank you matthewaperry for my first custom made suit ... It's Perfect !!

  my Perfect Fit wedding suit

thank you so much wedding suit Perfect Fit.this is my weddig party...happy share that with you
Tan linen suit       Tan linen suit

custom made this suit by customer style photos..

Matthewaperry suit customer reviewMatthewaperry suit customer review

just get my linen jacket and shirt  --fit very well and nice quality.
thank you so much

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