Monday, August 26, 2013

Review From Joe--A Bespoke Suit From Matthewaperry

Nay Blue Herringbone Office Suit bespoke suits

 The bespoke suit is the ultimate elegance of the refined man. It offers the opportunity to express his personality by a cut, fabric or color, while maintaining a grace and ease undisputed.

bespoke suits

Egle bespoke propose here a three piece suit navy blue, made from a fabric Four Seasons virgin wool with Loro Piana.


It consists of a jacket and two buttons adjusted to four pockets, one chest pocket vest and three flap pockets, but also two back vents.
cheap custom suits

Measurement navy blue jacket
cheap custom suits

The sleeves are arranged in an open four buttons and reinforced with a mignonette inside (striped fabric which, in respect of the suit tradition, used to double and thus strengthen the sleeves of a jacket) buttonhole .

cheap custom suits 
 Open four buttons buttonhole 

cheap custom suits 
 Miniature inside the sleeves 

Under the jacket is a jacket with four pockets and five buttons that complements a tailored shirt cotton twill with Peter Pan collar and a navy blue tie wool.

cheap custom suits
  vest custom bespoke five buttons and four welt pockets.

Pants meanwhile, is a tapered bottom with a side of 5 cm, complete with a mechanical adjustment to the size (mechanism for the lack of belt and adjusting the size) and an after-dinner back (small detail that offers greater ease after a meal).
cheap custom suitsMechanical adjustment at the waist 

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